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Kundali Bhagya Jan 14, 2020 written update: Karan offers to drop Preeta at home

In Kundali Bhagya upcoming episode Karan to ask Preeta the reason behind helping the Luthras


In Kundali Bhagya Jan 13, 2020 written update: Preeta promises Sarla she will return home as soon as possible once her work is done. However, Preeta gets late which only makes Rishabh and Karan worry. Thereafter, Karan decides to go and get Preeta himself after all.

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In the meantime, the two of them bump into each other later. Right then, she is about to slip but is firmly and safely held by Karan. After which, Mahira gets to see them together once again in that position and becomes quite upset about it.

Somewhere else, Sammy and Shristi enjoy their date near the latter’s particular residence. But, the two of them panic when they get to see Sarla and Janki walk towards them. What’s next is, Janki notices the two of them together but does not reveal about this thing in front of Sarla.

Moreover, Preeta begins the treatment of Dadi’s wounds post which she goes to get the first aid box from the storage room. Taking the chance of the opportunity, Karan follows her too.

Talking about Kundali Bhagya Jan 14, 2020 upcoming episode, Preeta searches for first aid box inside the storage room. At that time, Karan stands there to hep her out. He asks her the real reason behind coming to the Luthra house once again despite having been treated badly by them.

To which, Preeta responds that somehow her destiny is linked to the house too. Sometime later, Rakhi asks Preeta not to leave for home alone as it’s been very late. It is then that Karan offers to drop her home. What will happen now? Stay hooked to The Live Mirror to find out.

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