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Maharashtra: Man kills girl’s father for refusing marriage proposal


In Datada-Budruk village in Maharashtra, a jobless suitor stabbed a man to death after he rejected his marriage proposal for his daughter, said the police.

The incident which took place on Friday evening, another relative was also grievously injured. This happened, when Sachin Narayan Surnar (the suitor) attacked Kailash Shinde (girl’s father) at his home.

Police officer Rohini Ingole said that Sachin wanted to marry Mr Shinde’s daughter and had expressed his desire to the girl’s brother, Amol K Shinde.

Amol wanted to take his father’s consent on this matter before he could affirm anything to Sachin. But Kailash Shinde dismissed Surnar’s proposal on the basis of his current unemployed status, which in-turn enraged Sachin.

Later on, Sachin along with four of his friends attacked Shinde household and demanded the reasons for his refusal.

But before Kailash Shinde could respond, he was attacked with a long sharp knife repeatedly, killing him on the spot.

When Mr Bhujang D Shinde, a realtive of Kailash Shinde rushed to the spot and attempted to intervene, Sachin injured him, too. Bhujang is now is recuperating in a Nanded hospital, Ingole added.

According to the police official, all five accused have been arrested. The officer further added that they will be produced before a magistrate later today for remand.

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