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Mallika Dua berates trolls in music video


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Comedienne Mallika Dua says she used to get upset with all the trolls, but now prefers to ignore them.
She has slammed the trolls with a music video for the “Trolled” series for digital channel Rise By TLC, read a statement issued to IANS.

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“It is easy, ‘nah’ fashionable, to sit behind an anonymous screen, and post lewd comments online. Bravado? Well! Yes, if you see how some of the trollers gloat when they make personal and derogatory remarks against you; for body shaming you,” Mallika said.
On her way of dealing the trolls, she said: “At first, I was extremely sad, not angry because when you work for something, you give your best and make it with lots of love. You hope that everyone will appreciate it but gradually you realise that these nameless, shameless idiots (trollers) job is to sh*t on people who are doing better than them.

“You realise that anonymity is an all access pass and the internet is an outlet for their frustrations and insecurities to manifest themselves as hate. So, it’s really like they are trolling themselves and not me.”

“Trolled” brings female artistes on board for three videos. They address the issue of trolling in the form of an originally composed music video. The first video features Bani J and second one is with Mallika.

Zulfia Waris, Vice-President, Premium and Digital Networks, Discovery Communications India said: “We are delighted with the response of inaugural trolled video featuring Bani J. The comments, the feedback, we received were overwhelming. The Mallika Dua’s trolled video takes the discussion forward as we endeavour to create a much-needed impact on ground.”

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