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R’than Min Jashwant Singh attacks Mamata Banerjee, advises her to change religion


Bharatiya Janata Party leaders have recently been outspoken and robust with their controversial views. Following in the footsteps of other leaders, Rajasthan minister Dr Jashwant Singh has called Mamata Banerjee shameless and suggested her to change religion. Adding on, Singh also advised Banerjee to go for a medical check-up.

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The state cabinet minister for Skills Development commented, “The person who doesn’t know herself, doesn’t love the country…what would be a more shameful statement of Mamata Ji (West Bengal CM) where she says ‘all Hindu organisations are extremists’. Why doesn’t she leave Hinduism. Mamata ji’s mental status is not right.”

These comments were made while reacting to Mamata’s statements a month ago. On June 21, the Trinamool Congress chief, while addressing extended core committee meeting of the party in Kolkata, had said, “We are not a militant organisation like the BJP. They are arrogant and intolerant. They are religiously biased.They don’t like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs – they are even differentiating between the upper caste and the lower caste Hindus.”

At that point in time, she was replying back to the comments made by West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh. He had threatened to gun down TMC workers. Giving a befitting reply, Banerjee had said, “They are threatening to carry out encounters. Just because they are in power in Delhi, they are talking about hurling bombs. I dare them to come and touch us. We will show them their place.”

Earlier on June 20, Ghosh made the inflammatory speech while addressing BJP members in Jalpaiguri, after which police lodged a suo motu complaint against him. Ghosh made these comments in protest of the murders of its workers in Purulia, reported TOI. He had said, “I would like to tell those TMC (Trinamool Congress) leaders who are doing netagiri now that they will either go to jail or face encounters.”

He further added, “We are counting the bullets that killed our workers. Just like the way Gabbar Singh said kitne goliya thhe (how many bullets are there), the day will soon come when we will count the bullets as well as the bodies. No Kesto or Bistu will be able to save them. We have not signed a bond where it is written we will offer them rasogolla if they beat us up.
“There will be bombs in retaliation to bombs. There will be guns in retaliation to guns. Aar lathir bodole lathi to cholche (lathis are being responded to by lathis).”

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