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Map Of The Soul: 7 – Here’s How The Designers Got Inspiration To Design Album Covers  

Here's A Break Down Of Inspiration Behind The Making Of BTS's Map Of The Soul: 7 Album Cover


It was in the month of February, when the South Korean boyband, BTS released its fourth studio album, ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’. Within just a few days of its release, the album broke several records at top music charts and it apparently sold out 4.1 million copies just within 9 days of its release. The boyband members even confessed several times that this is one of their special albums and it also represents their personal journey as a team. Here have compiled the information on how the designer drew the inspiration to make the album cover of ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’.

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Inspiration Behind BTS’s ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ Album Cover

Graphic Designers

The album cover was designed by a South Korean couple, A ji-hye and Jang joon-oh who lives in Seoul. The designer couple has spent hours to analyse what BTS members mean to their fans and how band has evolved over the years.. Apparently, they wanted to show the journey of BTS in their cover of this album. Considering that the band comprises of seven members, the album cover’s main title mentioned as number 7. They have represented the band’s image in four different versions of the album cover of ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’. Each version of the album cover defines their story and represents their persona.


The duo have added the layers to the main title of the album covers, representing the members of the group. Each color that has been apparently used on the album, represents the persona of seven members and the shapes of number 7 were apparently handpicked by the members. It also represents their songs, such as Black Swan, and that’s how the designers took inspiration from the swans to design number seven on the cover.

Map Of The Soul-7 Album Cover


The first version of the Map Of The Soul: 7 album cover is inspired by the number 7 and white swans (as per the title of their main songs and the group members). The colors that have been used are pastels to represent the perfection, vulnerability, and the innocent of the band members.

The second version of Map Of The Soul: 7 album cover is inspired by the black swans. Its colors are dark blue and monochromatic colors which represent their aura and the glamorous shadows.

The third version of Map Of The Soul: 7 album cover looks different from all three other albums covers, as it represents the strength and the sense of duty among the band members. The colors that have been used here are bold red, blue, and black.

The fourth version of Map Of The Soul: 7 album cover was apparently designed to represent BTS’s unity, ego, and identity as a band member.

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