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The Masked Singer Season 2 Spoilers: Who is The Penguin?

What! Paula Abdul is The Penguin at The Masked Singer Season 2, which premiered on 25th September 2019.


The Masked Singer Season 2 Spoilers: The second season of reality singing competition The Masked Singer premiered on Wednesday and it was opened with Host Nick Cannon’s statement. The first season of The Masked Singers turned out to be a huge hit. The premiere of the second season witnessed scores of celebrities wearing silly costumes and singing in front of judges, who are seated to recognise who is behind the mask?

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Do you know, The Masked Singer is an adaptation of South Korean show King of Mask Singer. The executive producer of the American show, Craig Plestis discovered the format during a visit to a Thai restaurant, which airs on Thai TV channel.

Besides judges, thousands of fans are also eager to know who’s behind the mask? Yes, we have brought you The Masked Singers spoilers here to let you know that who is the Penguin and who all have participated in the singing competition.

“The Fox celebrity singing competition returns for Season 2 tonight (8 EDT/PDT) to greater scrutiny and anticipation as producers promise a higher level of singing talent, better music choices and flashier, dare we say eggs-quisite, costumes. Success means a bigger, bolder show, as “Singer” goes from 12 to 16 celebrity contestants and from nine to 12 competition hours (including a two-hour opener and a Christmas-themed episode), along with set upgrades, such as “a new swanky-pants digital floor,” executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra said to USA Today.

Here are The Masked Singer spoilers:

1. The Penguin Teaser

A person, whose gender is yet to be identified, comes all the way from Antartica, who does not have any fears in his or her eyes. In the teaser, the penguin says: “I might be cold as ice, but I’m bringing the heat. Will I be at the finale? Of course. I’ve already got my tux. Now I just have to get my hair done. America, can you guess who I am? Every time you think you’re getting warmer, I promise you’re actually getting colder.”

2. Will judges of the show easily guess who Penguin is?

After watching the teaser, it is 100 per cent sure the judges of The Masked Singers season 2 namely Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke are going to have a difficult task to recognise the Penguin.

3. Any other guesses

There are fans over the internet think that the montage of wigs in the Penguin’s teaser video gives hint that Penguin is none other than popular female Singers, Sia, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monet and Katy Perry are popular guesses.

According to us, the Penguin is ex-American Idol judge Paula Abdul as she can be heard in the video “Cold as ice but I’m bringing the heat.” Yes, Abdul donned a tuxedo in her “Opposites Attract” video and also sings the song “Coldhearted.”

What do you think about about the above-mentioned guesses?

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