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Modern times,Old is still gold.


Immense pressure and hard work shapes your character. An adult is reborn when he triumphs over all the hardships he encounters in his youth. That fire baptizes him and he enters into a new life.

What if a person has to face all this misery twice in his life?

In the midst of people, living across each other in this wonderful and crazy city we call Mumbai, I ran into a young man at his prime sixties yeah, I can bluntly say he is a young man as his “mana” was stronger than mine.

Being exhausted from travelling I usually never look presentable. I see this young fellow, white hair, well-combed, clean shaved, wearing smart formals; all the things that I admire but could never achieve.

In my life, I have encountered many people and faced several scenarios yet this was something completely different.

The thing that caught my interest was the badge that he was wearing which said: “ask me; work from home.”

The thing that caught my interest was that badge which said, “work from home, ask me ?’

I was intrigued. Here is this guy in his sixties walking tall, wearing a smile. He didn’t bother anyone or interrupt anyone in their daily chores. He walked around smiling at everyone, requesting us to ask him if we were looking for a job.

I assumed that he is the one who should be doing the supposed “work from home”. What would be his misery that he wakes up every day gets ready and goes to work?. And yet he continues in his work.

Suddenly a thought struck me, The divine calmness in his eyes signed that he has seen and lived through days which turned him into a warrior.

And immediately I remember all the elderly people I once visited in my childhood. Well, that’s a conversation for some other time.

We as a society are so chained in our daily life that we wear thick coated glasses which doesn’t allow us to see the reality around us. No one seemed to be bothered by the act that a senior citizen is walking around for a job.

Now I know from where that never die spirit of this city comes from. Mumbai is nothing without people; it’s just huge buildings and empty roads. People like these have changed his place from a humble port city into metropolitan.

Yet, I was no different as I had to rush.

The 10 second which I had with him gave me an unsung observation about the society we live in. Still, i promise you if I encounter him again.

I will dig in a conversation him and try to know the purpose of his remaining life.

We will be reading quite compelling stories about him.

I assume that’s Mumbai. A Mumbai where people go through a lot in their personal lives, yet they walk; they crawl and still manage to live their life with honour and dignity.

That’s Mumbai
Aamchi Mumbai.