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Modi: Congress gave impeachment notice against CJI


On Tuesday, 26th June 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi striped off the Congress by saying the party moved an impeachment notice against the Chief Justice of India as a ‘pressure tactic’ against lower court judges who were hearing the National Herald case.

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When he was giving a speech at the third annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Mumbai, Modi said the notice against CJI Dipak Misra was the Congress’ “solution” to the corruption case involving its top leaders Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

He said, “No one thought that a charge would be framed against them and that they would have to come out on bail. So they found a solution and brought an impeachment notice against the topmost judge in the Supreme Court. So that judges below would get scared.”

The prime minister said that however the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975 was long ago, the Congress still treated institutions like the judiciary and the Election Commission with “the same contempt.”

Charging the Congress in objection to his government’s resourcefulness like the Triple Talaq bill for the sake of vote banks , he said, “We wanted to give Muslim women the same rights as other women in the country. However they (Congress) objected to it because they look at it from a vote bank angle. They look at the issue from the perspective of not coming to power.”

He made sure that he uses the platform of today’s occasion to the fullest to counter Rahul Gandhi’s continuing attacks on the Sangh Parivar, saying it had been ongoing since the days of the Jan Sangh, and that the Congress always gave it a “different color” when two people fought.

“Earlier it was about how the RSS would kill Muslims, now it is about how the Dalits are in danger, ” he said.

Whenever the Congress was in fear of losing polls, he added, it would “bring out the bogey of how the country is in trouble and only it can save it”.

Till the end he kept on criticizing Congress along with Emergency dark days saying, “Judges who did not obey were transferred, people were booked in MISA, there was no personal liberty. All this because one family wanted to enjoy power.”

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