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How Do The Monster Hunter World Hunter Ranks Work?

Monster Hunter Iceborne expansion pack is finally making its way to PC this January


The Monster Hunter Iceborne expansion pack is finally making its way to PC this January. Before the PC version hits the stand, take the time to catch up with how the Monster World Hunter ranks work in the game.

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With the imminent arrival of Monster Hunter World Iceborne on PC, players can enjoy the return of series favorites like Brachydios and Rajang. Monster Hunter World got the PS4 and Xbox One Iceborne expansions in September 2019. However, the long-awaited expansion pack is finally available to PC players. Whether you’d be playing the game for the first time or revisiting the old favorite, here’s a quick refresher on how the Monster Hunter World Hunter Ranks work in the game.

Monster Hunter World hunter ranks

The most important element to progressing in Monster Hunter World is the Hunter Ranks. Hunter Ranks increase as players complete the main storyline quests and get into more difficult fights. While Hunter Ranks can be increased without a limit, the final base campaign fight is unlocked at rank 16. However, players will have to go through a grind to raise their Hunter Ranks in Monster World.

After reaching a Hunter Rank 16 and finishing the final campaign fight, additional experience earned will be added to the Hunter Ranks. Though players who reach HR 29 will hit a wall trying to raise their Hunter Ranks. Here, players will need to defeat two Tempered Bazelgeuse to unlock further Hunter Ranks.

This is the final unlock for the Hunter Ranks as additional Tempered monsters will start to unlock as the HR increases. Moreover, players who rise all the way up to HR 50 will face some of the game’s toughest challenges. This involves creatures like the Arch Tempered Elder Dragons. In addition, there will also be crossover event creatures like the Behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV and the Ancient Leshen from The Witcher. While players can climb the ranks indefinitely after this, no game content is unlocked.

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