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Mumbai: Man jumps from one terrace to another, Watch video


A video of a man jumping from the terrace of one building to another has gone viral. The man who is seen performing deadly stunts is said to be a foreigner and he did it in Mumbai’s Prabhadevi area.

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The Mumbai police have initiated an investigation to track down a group of six foreigners, whose video went viral on this Tuesday.

The bone-chilling stunts performed by the group of foreigners is basically known as ‘parkour’. It is an activity or sport where one has to jump extremely fast from one point to another, usually over obstacles in a complex urban environment.

Watch the video here:

Since the video has gone viral on November 27, the police identified the 20-storey building in the video as one of the buildings next to Prabhadevi station and reached out to the Housing society to record statements of the residents on whatever they knew about the group, the Times of India reported.

Speaking to India Today, the police said that they believed the video was shot on Sunday, 25 November.

“Such stunts are extremely dangerous and send out a very wrong message. Many of the residents have come forward complaining about it as they suspect they can be robbers as well. But it is actually a big group of 5-6 people performing stunts while others are filming them from different angles.”
A police officer told India Today

The officer added that the police were looking to register a case against the members of the group. While the police have been on the hunt for the group, they have received a significant fan-following across parkour groups and social media enthusiasts, the report states. It also added that the police are now investigating a famous parkour group in Mumbai to see if they had any role to play in this.

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