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Indian Idol 11: Neha Kakkar’s mother finalises her wedding with Aditya Narayan; Find out what happened

In the recent episode, Neha Kakkar's parents shocked her by declaring her marriage to host Aditya Narayan


Indian Idol 11 is one reality show which is most loved as well as entertaining in the Indian Television Industry currently and there’s no doubt about it. In fact, it is the talented contestants in the show that keeps the viewers glued to the TV screens. In latest episode, Neha Kakkar mother finalised her wedding with Aditya Narayan.

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However, it was the latest weekend episode that was really entertaining to the core. In addition to this, it was a big treat to the fans and the viewers as their flirtatious sides impressed everybody. Getting into it, the episode was graced by some of the really special guests to poke the duo and then take their banter to another level which was just epic.

It was Aditya Narayan’s parents and Neha Kakkar’s parents. Interestingly, both the families were present there to pull their children’s legs as well as fix their marriage dates too. Aditya’s parents put forward the marriage proposal and Neha’s parents approved it. Neha was stunned to see her parents make a grand entry on the show as she hadn’t anticipated it.

What’s next is, it was out of sheer surprise that Neha asked, “What is actually happening here?”. Neha Kakkar mother replied that they are here to finalise her marriage with Aditya. As soon as she heard that Neha can be seen in a state of shock while Aditya can’t contain his excitement. Moreover, he goes on further to call Neha’s mother as ‘Mummyji’ and then takes her blessings.

All this happening before her makes Neha utterly startled as she cannot comprehend what was happening. To which she questions her mother about same and her mother replies, “Beta this is all true.” A shocked Neha then says, “You should have at least asked me and taken my permission.”

Her mother responds to it saying that she has taken the decision and that it is now final.

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