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Netflix’s Black Mirror Season 5: 5 Easter Eggs And References You Must Have Missed

Looking for Black Mirror season 5 Easter Eggs and their references, you are at the right place


The fifth season of Black Mirror is now available on Netflix. You may have watched this British science fiction but we bet you did not notice these things that we brought you in this article. Yes, Black Mirror season 5 has lots of Easter Eggs, which have been discovered by eagle-eyed fans.  There is no doubt the recent season of Black Mirror has full of entertaining contents but there are still some things which you may have missed or yet to be discovered from your side.

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If you are wondering and asking a question to yourself, are all Black Mirror episodes are connected to each other? Yes, each episode of Black Mirror is connected to each other.  The creator of the series, Charlie Brooker has once said that all instalment exists in a shared universe whether thematically or physically.

Speaking about the same, Charlie Brooker is quoted as saying to Express, “We always used to say it’s a shared universe but then I started to say it’s a psychologically shared universe and now some of the episodes are definitely connected because there’s specific references within that story to things we’ve seen in other episodes.”

In this article, we have brought you some Black Mirror season 5 easter eggs and their references. You can scroll down to read and see more about the same. Notably, if you have not watched Black Mirror season 5, do not scroll down becuase the article contains spoilers.

Here’s a list of Black Mirror Season 5 Best Easter Eggs

1. Chris Gilhaney’s phone contacts

Did you notice the contact shown in Andrew Scott’s mobile phone when he makes a call to Smithereens? Yes, we have taken a quick look and noticed his contacts showing some notable names. The following is the list of names we have seen in his smartphone.

  • Carlton Bloom: It is none other than antagonist in The National Anthem, (who kidnaps Princess Susannah).
  • Clayton Leigh: The role is played by Babs Olusanmokun. He is the convicted murderer from the Black Museum.
  • Cooper: This refers to the Cooper played by Wyatt Russel from Playtest who becomes a video game tester for Saito Gem.

3. Fences Pizza

Source: RadioTimes

In the home of Chris’s mom, you can have a look at a pizza box with the word which reads “Fences” emblazoned on the front. Interestingly, Fences is none other than the company who owns the automated delivery vehicles in the third season of Black Mirror.

There are two references to Skillaine in ‘Smithereens; she appears as part of Chris’ Internet search history, which implies that the events of the two episodes hold in the same universe.

3. The news ticker

When a news anchor was reading the news about Ashley O, there are certain nods to other episodes in the text at the bottom of the television screen. You can have a look below:

  • Museum owner’s body found in smoking ruins: If you see at the bottom of the screen which reads the curator (whose body was left in a burning building in season 4 has been found.
  • Saitogemu shares jump on Striking Vipers release: The screen gives reference to season five episode titled Striking Vipers. Notably, Saitogemu is the gaming company from season three’s Playtest.

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