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Opera GX: Opera Launches World’s First Gaming Browser With Twitch Integration

E3 2019: Opera has launched Opera GX, Gaming browser for gamers


Opera Browser seems to have taken the gaming to the next level. Yes, you read that right, ahead of E3 2019, Opera has unveiled gaming browser name Opera GX with Twitch Integration for the people who love playing games on PC or Laptop.

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The Gaming browser has been specially designed for gamers but there are end numbers of features available in the browser that non-gamer people might find them useful. In Opera GX browser, the company has given us an option to block ads. Notably, Opera GX lets gamers control their computer’s CPU and memory usage to make gaming and streaming smoother.

The control panel of the browser is a brand new feature which allows you to define how much of your computer’s CPU or RAM are willing to let the browser use. You can also choose a certain percentage of the computer’s resource to the browser by toggling the circle. Unlike other browsers, Opera GX will give full control of your gaming and browsing experiences.

We introduced this feature because running a game might require a lot of effort from your machine, even more so if you are streaming while you play. We found that many gamers often shut down their browsers in order to not slow down their gaming experience. Thanks to GX Control, games can run more smoothly without requiring you to compromise on what you do on the Web.

Talking about its Twitch feature, Opera GX’s Twitch integration is another handy feature, it lets you log into your Twitch account directly from the sidebar and will notify you when a streamer you follow goes live.

Opera GX also has a GX Corner — a source of getting gaming news, deals and information about new and interesting releases. To know more about Opera GX browser you can click here.

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