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‘Paatal Lok’ just blew me away-says Huma Qureshi

Bollywood Actress, Huma Qureshi All Praises Anushka Sharma’s Production Venture 'Paatal Lok'


During a live session on Facebook, curated by Ameet Naik’s Naik Naik & Company, Huma Qureshi revealed that the lockdown is a great time for content developers, whether it is a long or short format, as it all depends on the writing aspect. The talented actress also mentioned that it’s uncertain as to how the reality is going to be in terms of how the entertainment industry can possibly go back to the filming phase and what the new set of norms on the film sets are going to be.

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Huma further goes on to add, “I’ve had a very interesting conversation with a writer friend of mine as to what people are interested in watching these days, like something gritty or hard-hitting maybe… but everybody in the room was of the opinion that people want to see something lighter, as there is so much of moroseness and death reports due to COVID-19 and whatnot. But then I saw Paatal Lok and it just blew me away. It’s really good quality writing and really good content. So again, these are presumptions that we go by, as people keep saying, ‘abhi to yeh chalne wala hai’. We have to be open to the new world and new challenges and have to be adaptable to what it is going to be.”

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Why should you watch #PatalLok? . We watched Patal Lok. All of it. Finsihed the series. Loved it. It started of slowish but then picked up. . This isn't a review for the show..it's just a few thoughts around what a brilliant way of including a desi doggy in the script. . I'm going to try not to divulge too many details about the show but i just had to document this 🙂 . Savitri is her name. One of the main lead's wife looks after her and adores her. She even lets her give birth inside the house. Talks to her like she would to a human. . Kind of felt familiar 🙂 It's so heartwarming to see that our desi doggies are being included in scrips and cinema. This will spread a wonderful message and the much needed awareness. . Ok those that haven't watched it fully yet maybe you can stop reading 😉 . It is the love for dogs that actually ended up saving the life of a journalist who was on the hitlist with a serial killer!! He goes to his bunglow to shoot the journalist down but sees the wife with Savitri and he just cannot shoot!! . Why? Because this serial killer loves animals.. specially dogs..and he feels that anyone who loves animals like this is a good human and he just cannot shoot!! . Not to miss that he himself is a serial killer. But that's besides the point ..it's fiction after all 😉 . I thoroughly enjoyed the series and it is a must watch!! . @anushkasharma …I wondered why you would produce something like Patal Lok before I watched it..but now I know why..maybe a tiny little part of it had to do with Savitri and many like her? . What a lovely end. The whole series is worth watching only for the climax. . Oh there is much more than Savitri there but I totally loved it ❤️ . . Do you have a SAVITRI in your life? Who might just save you from fear, anxiety and worry? Classic case of who rescued who! ♥️♥️🐕 . @swastikamukherjee13 I so so so loved your portrayal of Dolly Mehra and your love for Savitri reminded me of my love for my doggies. . @neerajkabi @jaideepahlawat @nowitsabhi @mairembamronaldosingh @ishwaksingh @gulpanag Sheer brilliance!!! Thank you ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #pataalLok "When a dog loves a man, he's a good man. When a man loves a dog, he's a good man" ♥️

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Anushka Sharma’s production venture ‘Paatal Lok’ has been receiving good reviews from the critics as well as the audience. On Friday, the team celebrated the success of the series over a video call. Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, Abhishek Banerjee and others along with the makers of the show – Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy – joined the online success party hosted by the actress.

The web series, ‘Paatal Lok’ revolves around the life of an inspector, Hathi Ram (portrayed by Jaideep Ahlwat) who lands the case of a lifetime when four suspects are arrested on the charges of attempting to murder a prime time journalist (Neeraj Kabi).

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