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Pakistan on Burhan Wani postage stamps: Not all Kashmiris are terrorist


Since, India scrapped India-Pakistan foreign minister’s talk citing the recent killing of Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan continues to promote the message of peace in the region. While addressing a press conference at Pakistan Embassy in Washington,  Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, “thousands of people are fighting in Kashmir, not all of them are terrorist.”

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While referring to India’s reason to call off the talk between the two nations, Qureshi said, India used incidents that happened in July to cancel the recent talk that is agreed in September is non-diplomatic. India has reportedly cited Burhan Wani’s postage stamps, and brutal killing of three Indian soldiers to cancel India-Pakistan foreign ministers talk.

Qureshi added, “India is reluctant, we will not close our doors,” Mr Qureshi said. He is quoted by saying Pakistan newspaper ‘Dawn’ as saying, “Hiding away from issues will not make them disappear. It will not improve the situation in Kashmir.”

Qureshi seems to be amazed and said, he is still unable to understand the reason cited by India to not participate in peace talks with Pakistan. We believe the sensible way is to meet and talk, India agreed and then disagreed to the talk. He also called the way India has called off peace offer is non-diplomatic.

“We did not use a non-diplomatic language in our rejoinder. Our response was matured and measured. They adopted a new approach, and moved back,” Qureshi quoted as saying to PTI. The report stated that, “Ms Swaraj’s “language and tone was unbecoming of a foreign minister.”

When asked if tensions between these two countries could lead to a war between the two countries, he said “Who is talking about war? Not us. We want peace, stability, employment and improving lives. You identify where is the reluctance”. He also warned that Pakistan’s desire for peace should not be mistaken for a sign of weakness.

“We want peace. It does not mean, we cannot defend ourselves against aggression. We can but we do not have an aggressive mindset,” reported PTI. 

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