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Pokemon Go April Special Events Details – Event Date, Raid Boss & More

Shiny Alakazam Coming To Special Raid Event


A fresh leak coming for GamingIntel on popular AR based pokemon catching game tells us about a special raid event going to held in the month of April. Keep reading to know more about what you will get if the event gets confirmed.

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According to the leak, Shiny Alakazam is coming to Pokemon Go in the special event and it will be the Raid Boss. Below are the leak details as per the source.

  • Alakazam Raid Boss Battle
  • Date: April 7th, 2019
  • Details: 5 passes free
  • Duration: 3 hours of Raid
  • Shiny or Normal? Shiny

Special Raid Event takes place once every month, in March trainers go chance to fight with Rayquaza and in February it was Latias. Alakazam falls in the Psychic-type Pokemon weak to Dark, Ghost and Bug-type Pokemon. This is the first time Shiny Alakazam comes in Pokemon Go.

The most recent event was Equinox that introduced some Grass-type pokemon that will start today on March 16 and will end on March 26, 2019. Below are features and raid details.

  • Features: Grass-type Pokémon – like Oddish, Exeggcute, Sunkern, and Shroomish – will appear more frequently in the wild. Lunatone and Solrock will switch hemispheres at the start of the event in celebration of the equinox! These Pokemon will stay in their new hemispheres after the event.
  • Raids: Grass-type Pokémon will be available to challenge in raids.

Source: Gaming Intel

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