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Pokemon Go New Update Adds AR Portrait Mode on Android


Pokemon Go is back in news with a new feature that will allow trainers to click some interesting photos with Pokemon. Niantic has recently spoken about this feature called Go Snapshot. It turns Pokemon Go into an AR app, that allows players to take pictures of Pokemon in real-time. The feature is live and trainers can get it via new update for Android smartphones.

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If you are unable to see this feature in your device, go to Google Play store and search for Pokemon Go. Hit the update button, remember to use it somewhere safe, once activated you can instantly click pictures of animated images of popular Pokemon.

Go Snapshot works with existing Pokemon in the inventory, to summon anyone throws Pokeball towards your favorite background and you will see the animated avatar to play with. Go Snapshot requires Level 5 or above, it is not available for trainers below the level.

Go Snapshot feature is currently available for Android, Pokemon Go officially announced through a tweet about the release of feature for Android edition where there is no info for iPhone (iOS) devices.

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