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PUBG Mobile Changes Its Privacy Policy To Avoid Ban In India

PUBG has an India-only server based in India for the users here


With the imminent threat of a ban from the government of India, PUBG has changed its privacy policies in the country. According to several media reports, the updated privacy policy deals with how the app stores and manages users’ data in India. As per reports, the game will now store the data of Indian users in India only.

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This is a last bid attempt from the app to avoid coming under the government’s scrutiny. PUBG has an India-only server based in India for the users here. It is also reported to have servers based in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US.

Currently, the privacy policy of PUBG lets it share the date of the users with third parties for better user experience such as cloud services for data backup, support ticketing, and fraud detection.

Moreover, the privacy policy also states that the support, engineering, and other teams are located in its offices around the world including the People’s Republic of China, India, the US, and Hong Kong. They will have access to player information.

Data like open ID, IP address, device information like app version, OS version, Battery level, registration time, login time and more, will remain in India and will not be used by the third parties unnecessarily.

It is being said that government of India is considering a ban on 275 Chinese apps including PUBG. The popular video-sharing portal TikTok also got banned over data security concerns with 47 other Chinese apps. The government has cited that the suspected apps compromise the data of the users.

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