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Rajasthan: Police seize 40 kgs beef, 221 skins of cows; launch manhunt for accused


The cases of mob lynchings for allegations on cow smuggling in Alwar is still not resolved and a recent case of 40 kgs of beef being found at a house has ignited fuel in the ongoing issue. The police have also recovered 221 skins of cows from the house of the butcher in Govindgarh town following a tip-off. The meat and the skins were supposedly smuggled in the border towns of Haryana and Rajasthan, said police.

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As cow slaughter is banned in Rajasthan and the cow vigilante groups active in state, the police are taking utmost care. The state veterinary officials have confirmed that the meat was beef, reports NDTV. Confirming the news, veterinary officer Dr. Jitendra Singh said, “There were 221 skins of cows, 82 of buffaloes and 45 of goats and 51 remains of cows were also recovered.”

Police have arrested the accused, Shakeel, under the Bovine Act and are questioning the three woman found packing the meat. The police have launched a manhunt for Shakeel’s brother who was allegedly responsible for assisting him in the business. It was difficult for the veterinary officials to confirm the date of the cow slaughter, as the carcasses appear old.

The news comes after dairy farmer Akbar Khan was lynched in Alwar on July 21, on the suspicion of smuggling cows. His friend Aslam managed to flee, but Akbar was brutally thrashed by the cow vigilantes. There was also a ruckus over the state police’s manner in handling the case, which led to Akbar’s death. He was attacked in the same fashion Pehlu Khan was lynched a year back.

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