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Ramadan 2020: These Five Rules You Must Follow During Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Mubarak: Here is a list of five must follow while observing Roza in Ramzan


Ramadan Mubarak 2020 — The holiest month for the Muslim community is just a few days away. Yes, Ramadan Kareem is scheduled to begin from April 25, 2020, in India. During this month, Muslims restrict themselves from drinking alcohol, using abusive words and several other things. Muslims consider Ramadan as the season to purify their heart by indulging more in prayers and doing charity works.

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You should know that Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and a mandatory upon all adult men and women except those who are suffering from a disease, travelling, are elderly, pregnant women, breastfeeding, diabetic, chronically ill or menstruating. As you know that fasting is must upon all Muslim but it has several rules and restriction which need to follow during Ramadan.

Here are 5 Fasting Rules You Should Follow During Ramadan Kareem

1. You Can’t Eat or Drink While Observing Roza

This is one of the most basic fasting rules. If you do not know much about Ramadan Kareem, you can click here to get the answers to your basic questions. If you are making a plan to keep fast this year for the first time you should know that you are not allowed to consume anything intentionally else you Roza will be invalid. You must be thinking about what if you eat or drink unintentionally, your fast will remain valid.

2. You can’t indulge in physical intimacy


Yes, indulging in sexual activity with your spouse are also not allowed during the day time in Ramadan. If you could not control your sexual desire during the day time and have a physical relationship with your wife, you will have to pay Kaffaarah.

Yes, in order to perform Kaffarah, you either will have to observe fast for sixty days or you will have to feed 60 poor people.

3. Fasting during post menstruating is invalid

Ramadan Fasting Rules

As we have mentioned above there are several people who are exempted from observing fast during Ramadan. Yes, women, who are menstruating and just delivered the baby and going through post-childbirth bleeding are given permission to not to keep fast. If they did, their Roza will be invalid.

4. Old or sick to do Fidiya

Ramadan Fasting rules

If someone who is aged and suffering from disease, or not capable of keeping fast during this holy month should perform Fidiya. For doing so, you will have to feed the poor person every day when you did not observe fast.

5. Rinse nose and mouth with less water

Ramadan Fasting rules

While you should not use much water around your face area so that you don’t swallow any if you have to then use limited water. You should try to drink as much water while having sehri (suhor) or pre-dawn meal and Iftaar so that you don’t feel thirsty the rest of the day.

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