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Rishabh Pant’s sledging in the first Test isn’t liked by Sunil Gavaskar; Twitter reacts


One of the stand-out things that happened at the Adelaide Oval was Rishabh Pant’s continuous chirping behind the wickets.

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The young wicket-keeper continuously kept attacking the Australians with verbal barrage and it was heard clearly when the commentary from the television broadcasters was switched off.

Fox Cricket let Pant’s commentary behind the stumps tale centre-stage during an over bowled by Ravichandran Ashwin to Pat Cummins. Pant, who continuously kept on talking for the whole over urged Cummins to go for the big shots and unintendedly perhaps aimed one or two digs at the bowler as well.

Here’s the video:

(Image credit-The Hindu)

Although the verbal volleys that Pant came up with were interesting and witty, it didn’t go down too well with former India legend Sunil Gavaskar, who during the post-lunch session said that it wasn’t alright to say anything to the opposition, adding that it could be done in case of one’s own teammates.

He said, ‘say anything you want to your teammates, not to the opposition,’ besides adding that it wasn’t the best of ideas to aim verbal digs at a fast bowler ahead of a Test match in Perth.

But Twitter seemed to like what Pant did.

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