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‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestant Sara Gurpal opens up on her marriage with Tushar Kumar

Evicted contestant Sara Gurpal, in an interview, opened up about her 'abusive' marriage with Tushar Kumar.


Punjabi singer and actress Sara Gurpal became the first contestant to get eliminated from the reality show, Bigg Boss 14. however, Sara’s Bigg Boss journey started with controversy as a Punjabi singer based in the US, Tushar Kumar claimed to be married to her in 2014 for three years till they separated in 2017.

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Tushar also produced the marriage certificate, in which, Sara’s name is identified as Rachna Devi, not just that, he also showed many photographs featuring the duo, and Sara is seen donning vermilion and the traditional red and white bangles as they pose together.

Now, recently, evicted Sara finally opened up on her marriage and called it ‘abusive.’ speaking to IANS, she said, “I think he himself said it, stating that we have been separated for almost four to five years now. It was a really abusive relationship and I think every girl has the right to move on, from something which is not (healthy). Where was he for four years? The moment ‘Bigg Boss’ began he started talking. He is the least important person in my life. If he was that important, he would have been there in my life.”

She also reacted to Tushar’s claims and said that he wanted fame, “The day I went in (to the Big Boss house) he was ready with this! For what reason? He just wanted fame. I don’t care about it and that is why he was everywhere. He is the least important for me. There will be a thousand people saying a thousand things.”

Sara also said that she has been through hell, “Okay, there was a marriage and he did whatever (he had to). What else does he want? I have been through hell. I don’t think any girl or man deserves to be in such a situation where he or she has to deal with mental and physical trauma,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, there have been reports stating that Sara Gurpal will be re-entering the Bigg Boss house, however, there has been no official yet.

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