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Se-ri To Cheon Song-yi- THESE Kdrama Characters Are Absolute Boss Ladies

Know about five Kdrama characters for a much-needed dose of empowerment. Se-ri to Cheon Song-yi, these characters will inspire to be a boss lady in life


If you’ve become bored of watching Kdramas featuring male bosses and female employees, then it’s the right time for you to make a shift. Crash Landing On You to My Love From The Stars and Hotel Del Luna, there are plenty of Kdramas wherein women are ruling the screens being absolute boss ladies. Se-ri to Cheon Song-yi- these characters will awestruck with the way they win over the audience and writers of such shows should be credited for treating us with a new genre of Kdramas. If you have been looking for inspiration to rule and to live confidently, then know about these five characters.

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Boss Lady Characters From Kdramas That Inspired Us:

Se-ri From Crash Landing On You:

South Korean heiress Yoon Seri is beautiful, confident, smart and she knows how to make anyone fall on their knees. She accidentally lands in North Korea and comes out alive. She is the illegitimate daughter of the Yoon family, however, she makes her business a huge success thereby giving a tough competition to her half-brothers. Se-ri(Son Ye-Jin) character shines out bright with the way she treats people around her. She is a dedicated lover to Captain R and she also knows how to face the haters and enemies.

Cheon Song-Yi from My Love From The Stars

We loved the way Jun Ji-Hyun did justice to Cheon Song-Yi’s character and the casting team has to have a special mention for offering her this role. Jun Ji-hyun shines likes an absolutely versatile actress in My Love From The Stars, which also featured Kim Soo-hyun. She portrayed the role of a self-made actress who falls in love with an alien only to face a low-phase in her acting career. What’s more inspiring about Cheon Song-Yi is the way she leads her life. She is confident, quirky, hilarious and she accepts how to accept challenges in life. The actress’s naughty demeanor has won million hearts and it makes it worth watching. Cheon Song-Yi is a true synonym for a boss lady.

IU from Hotel Del Luna:

South Korea’s sweetheart IU is known for her cute antics and she is a true idol type for many of her fans. She surprised her fans with her screen presence in Hotel Del Luna as Jang Man-wol. The drama also featured Yeo Jin-goo as her onscreen lover. Jang Man is an absolute style star, she is smart as well as warm. The drama showcases how Jang turns into a cold-hearted person after being betrayed by the man she fell in love with. 


Jo Yi-seo in Itaewon Class

Kim Da-mi portrayed the role of Jo Yi-Seo, a brilliant high school prodigy who ends up asking Park Saeroyi (Park Seo Joon) to take her in as the manager of his pub Dan Bam. She won million hearts with her screen presence and her character evolves in each episode. Jo is witty, straightforward, bossy and she is absolute modern-minded. The drama featured all the characters in a complex way, yet the audience loved the way these characters develop.

 Bae Ta-mi from Search: WWW

Bae Ta-mi (Lim Soo-Jung) is a director for a renowned web portal company in South Korea and she in her late 30’s. She is very competitive and she a true workaholic. She loves seeking success. Her character wins over the audience with the way she masters her career. 

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