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Home security video goes viral, People think its Dobby, the free Elf

The people are confused was that a creature Dobby the elf or an alien


We all love Harry Potter and the elf Dobby. He had warned Harry several times in the course of his life while he was in Hogwarts. But it would be damn crazy if he appeared out of the blue in the middle of the night. Perhaps, it could scare you to some unknown limits.

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This woman names Vivian Gomez had shared a video on her Facebook account. She saw this weird creature walking into her garage in the middle of the night through her security cameras. People have ever since trying to identify the creature. Nonetheless, the Potterheads have been thinking of the creature as Dobby. Dobby is the fictional elf from Harry Potter who frees himself from slavery by wearing a sock and becomes a free elf.

The people see the weird walking style and that weird head shape which gives an illusion of flappy ears.

While we see this video, our mind takes us on roller coaster rides of varying intensity. Some of us are stuck to the idea of it being Dobby while some think of this as some alien who has barged into the garage. But also there is another shadow which confuses people. They feel that Dobby look-alike was not alone, someone had accompanied the weird creature and assisted while opening the door. Another surprise element was that the creature suddenly disappears. Potterheads have been claiming that its Dobby and it apparated through some unknown portal.

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