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Shashi Tharoor calls PM Modi ‘Scorpion sitting on a Shivling’


Congress parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor sparked a new controversy by referring Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘Scorpion sitting on a Shivling’ during his book launch in Bangaluru.

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Tharoor, while answering questions of a journalist, derived this new analogy for PM Modi and was of the opinion that the ‘personality cult’ of the Prime Minister did not sit well with many in the RSS establishment.

He said at the Bengaluru Literature Festival, as quoted by the Indian Express, “There is an extraordinarily striking metaphor expressed by an unnamed RSS source to a journalist, that, ‘Modi is like a scorpion sitting on a Shivling, you can’t remove him with your hand & you cannot hit it with a chappal either.”

This is not the first time, Tharoor had said something controversial about Modi. Earlier too, he had derived analogies like ‘Hindu-Pakistan’ and criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party at several platforms. Last month, Tharoor had said that if BJP wins in 2019, they will ‘tear up the constitution of India and write a new one’.

Supporting the analogy, screenwriter Advaita Kala tweeted, “In the past two days PM Modi has been called on different public platforms – a namak haram, a dengue mosquito who needs to be exterminated with pesticide and a scorpion – by those who complain about a drop in public and political discourse.”

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