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Singapore warns new Coronavirus variant appears targeting children

According to the latest reports, Singapore warns citizens about the new variants of Coronavirus that appear to attack younger children


The pandemic Coronavirus outspread brought everything to a standstill across the globe since last year. Owing to the second wave, India is currently dealing with several crises and hospitals are overwhelmed with Covid patients. Many nations have reported having new variants of the COVID-19 virus, which affect differently in the different age groups of people. The highly transmissible strain of Covid-19 that surfaced in India has become more prominent among Singapore’s growing number of unlinked cases. According to the latest reports, Singapore has now warned its citizen about a new strain which appears to be attacking the young children.

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On Sunday, Singapore announced that it will stop most in-person school classes from this week due to the new strain. The decision commenced after the health officials stated finding new variants which appear to attack younger children. The Education Ministry has ordered all the institutes to shift all the primary, secondary and junior colleges to the home-learning system from May 28 onwards.

Some of these mutations are much more virulent and they seem to attach the younger age category, reportedly said Education Minister Chan Chin Sing. Recently, Singapore confirmed having 38 locally transmitted COVID19 cases, which is the highest daily number since mid-September.

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