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Shah Rukh Khan & TED Talks India take an important pledge of ‘No Plastic’


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is all set to host TED Talks India. The new show ‘Ted Talks India: Nayi Baat’ will air on Star Plus for the second time. Interestingly, during the show launch, Shah Rukh Khan and the TED Talks India team pledged for the ‘No Plastic’ on set.

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TED Talks India season 2 will be premiered on King Khan’s birthday–November 2. The new season is titled Ted Talks India: Nayi Baat and will feature 26 speakers from different walks of life. They will shed light on ideas describing how to tackle major issues confronting India like healthcare, environmental awareness and sexual abuse, among others.

TED head Chris Anderson said, “The selection of 26 “change-makers is about going deeper and finding ideas that matter and that can make a difference in India. Investment to do the show in more languages is very exciting for us. I don’t think many other mass-market TV producers in the world have had that vision.”

He further added. “Shah Rukh Khan helps communicate complex ideas in an easy way. Also, he speaks Hindi and English incredibly well so that enables a massive connect with viewers.”

Some of the speakers who will be featured on the show include senior NASA scientist Sharmila Bhattacharya, Global Gene Corp. chairman and CEO Sumit Jamuar, young innovator Gitanjali Rao who has invented a low-cost test to detect lead contamination in water, child sexual abuse survivor Trisha Shetty and non-profit Naandi Foundation CEO Manisha Mohan who, along with a tribal community in South India, developed the award-winning Araku Coffee brand.

The previous season marked the first time that TED had collaborated with any broadcast network to bring on-screen some life-changing talks in any other language than English.

Other than Star World, the show will air on the networks’ flagship Hindi channel StarPlus, Nat Geo and also stream on Hotstar. The show will be aired over weekends in Hindi, English, Tamil, Bangla and Telugu across Star Plus, Nat Geo, Hotstar and Star World, starting November 2nd.

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