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Star Wars fan starts petition to introduce a Baby Yoda emoji

Star Wars fans have always been a passionate community and now they have a cause to rally behind.


Baby Yoda is the cutest new trend that has taken social media by a storm. Disney+ has hit a big home run with the fans when it comes to The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. So much so, that now there is a petition to introduce a Baby Yoda emoji into the mix.

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Travis Bramble is the one who started the online petition on Change.org appealing for the emoji. “He stole our hearts, and now I want him to steal our keyboard space,” Bramble wrote, explaining his motivation behind filing the petition.

When asked where one would use a Baby Yoda emoji, Bramble was ready with a response. “Your friend shares a pic of her newborn baby? Respond with a cute little Baby Yoda emoji to show that you think her little rascal is cute beyond words,” he went on to add, “You’re sick and your mom texts you, ‘Do you want some soup?’ Respond back with a cute little Baby Yoda to show her that your thirst for soup is insatiable.”

The petition currently has 968 signatures and rising. Travis Bramble is quite comfortably near achieving his goal for 1000 signatures. There is a formal process of submitting an emoji for approval by The Unicode Consortium that is explained on their site. However, Baby Yoda fans do not care about the protocol and just want to see him immortalized as a cute emoji.

Katie Walters best expressed the sentiments of the entire fandom when she wrote on the petition “Baby Yoda must be protected and shared at all costs.”

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