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Sunny Leone Discusses Her Controversial 2016 Interview

"I was extremely uncomfortable the whole time."


Sunny Leone has done well for herself in the film industry. However, there are always those that can’t get past the actress’ past. CNN News 18 editor Bhupendra Chaubey was one of these people. He interviewed Sunny Leone in 2016 but it ended up being more of an interrogation session rather than an interview. While he insulted the actress for her former porn star career and belittled her achievements, Sunny Leone never lost her composure. She answered his questions with grace and patience.

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However, Sunny has talked about how jarring the interview actually was for her. She has discussed how bad she felt after giving the interview to Bhupendra Chaubey. She said, “I was extremely uncomfortable the whole time. There was a plastered smile, my fingers were like this. I kept thinking he’s going to stop now and this will be the last weird question. I just sat through it all because I didn’t want anyone else to get the best out of me. If I let him get the best of who I’m, I lose. It’s not like I haven’t been asked these questions in my life before. But the way he was speaking like I was beneath him. That’s what was weird.”

She further added, “What hurt the most was no one ever stopped it. I never felt so alone in that one moment. Nobody from the production or anyone else could tell him that this is out of line. I asked everyone after that, ‘Was I not nice enough to me that you felt that I deserved to go through this?’ I broke down after but we went to the US and I shut myself off from social media even there.”

In the aftermath of the incident, many Bollywood stars including Aamir Khan had reached out to the actress.

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