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Swara Bhaskar on activists arrests: A blood-thirsty society is not good for us


Known for making controversial comments, Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar questioned the arrests of activists by Maharashtra Police and compared it with blood-thirsty society in New Delhi on Sunday.  Bhaskar also pointed out the issue of people celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s murder and questioned whether they should be jailed or not — ‘allegedly sitting in power’?

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Addressing a press conference in the national capital, Bhaskar made scathing remarks on the way the arrests of activists were made on Tuesday. Comparing the arrests of activists with the tenure when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, Bhaskar pointed out that those celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s murder, are sitting in the government. She questioned will it be okay if they are jailed!

She said, “Is desh mein Mahatma Gandhi jaise mahaan ek insaan the…ek shaqsiyat thi …leader the..unki hatya hui. Us waqt bhi kayi aise log the jo celebrate kar rahe the Mahatma Gandhi ki hatya ko. Aaj wo satta mein hain, un sabko daal dena chahiye jail mein?, nahin na. Obvioulsy nahi. ( In this country a great person…leader… like Mahatma Gandhi was murdered. That time too, there were people who were celebrating the death of Mahatma Gandhi. They are now in government. Shouldn’t they be jailed? no..obviously no).”

Adding on, she also brought the concept of blood-thirsty society, She said, “Actually, I think we should be very careful that ye jo bataur samaj hamare andar ek tendency hai na ki jail me daalo…arre ….jurm hai ye…aisa ek bloodthirsty samaj banna na koi badi acchi cheej nai hai. (Actually, I think we should be very careful about the tendency we have as a society to put people behind bars….like this is a crime …. To become a bloodthirst society is not a good thing.”

Though no post comments have been made as of now by any political leader, looks like — as each time happens  Swara Bhaskar is most likely to be trolled by the right wingers on social media. However, it is for the first time, that she took a stand on something that is really relevant.

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