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Telegram rolls out group video call and other new features 

WhatsApp's rival, Telegram adds new features of group video calling alongside few others updates. The app has introduced a couple of significant updates


After the Facebook-owned WhatsApp was alleged of leaking the user’s data, competitor messaging apps revamped its features. Millions of users turned to WhatsApp’s rivals such as Telegram and Signal app. To keep its users happy, Telegram has now announced a couple of significant updates. The application has rolled out new features including Google’s meet-like group video calling update and screen sharing options.

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The new update on Telegram includes sharing screen during the group video call as well as using an animated backdrop and there are new security updates. Check out the list of new updates in Telegram:

Telegram Tablet as well as Desktop support:

In its blog post, Telegram announced, “Users simply need to tap to open the side panel and see a split-screen view of the video grid and list of participants, optimized for both portrait and landscape orientation. Voice chats on desktop open in a separate window, users can type and talk without minimizing anything.”

“Desktop apps also have selective screen-sharing to broadcast an individual program instead of the entire screen of a particular user. While using the desktop app, and sharing screen by a specific user automatically gets pinned,” it added further.

Animated emojis and background:

Users can now send animated emojis to their chatbox. It has also added a cool animated background option for the users. The company revealed that the multi-color gradient wallpapers are specially designed algorithmically and move with the aesthetics every time users send a message.

Screen Sharing:

Users can now share a screen similar to that of Google meet calls. The user needs to just tap on the menu button, and press the screen sharing option followed by app permission.

Security Update:

Mentioning the security update on the Telegram blog, the company wrote, “This overall ensures a user can always log in to his account. In case the phone number has changed, users can quickly update it right from the new reminder in Settings on iOS.”

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