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Three New Moto Branded OS Watches To Be Out This Summer?

Moto Smart Watches: Moto Watch, Moto Watch One, Moto G Smartwatch Images leaked


A Moto 360 smartwatch was released by a Canadian company called eBuyNow in early 2020. This was after a licensing deal with Motorola. Looks like there is more to come later this year. Yes new Moto-branded Wear OS devices are apparently on the way. A Twitter subscriber named Felipe Berhau has tweeted out some information about the new timepieces. he says that they are a part of a PDF presentation that he found online. Felipe calls himself the biggest Motorola collector and fan in the world.

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Felipe Berhau, has leaked images showing the design of the Moto Watch, the Moto Watch One, and the Moto G Smartwatch. As per him, the Moto Watch, appears to come in a square-shaped design. Whereas the Moto Watch One and the Moto G Smartwatch are likely to come with a circular build.

The Moto Watch appears to have a square display with curved glass protection. The Moto Watch One and Moto G Smartwatch, on the other hand, could feature circular displays. The Moto Watch One is also seen with thin bezels, while the Moto G Smartwatch appears to have a sporty look along with a thick frame.

Although there are no official details about the smartwatches, the Twitter user claims that the Moto G smartwatch will debut in June and the Moto Watch, as well as the Moto Watch One, will launch in July this year.

There has been no official confirmation as yet.

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