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Thrissur Pooram of Kerala : The mother of all firework and temple celebrations

Thrissur Pooram 2019: Significance And History of Biggest Temple Festival Held in Kerala


India is a land of festivals and today we bring for you the most colourful festival of Kerela also known as Thrissur Pooram. It is a grand temple festival that is held in Kerala every year at the Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur and attended by thousands of devotees from all over the globe.

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Time and Date of Thrissur:

The much-loved Pooram falls in the Malayalam month of Medam on Pooram star. Famous as the most colorful of all festivals in the southernmost Indian state of Kerala, and is also known as ‘the festival of festivals’, Thrissur Pooram shall be celebrated on thirteenth of May in the year 2019.


Elephants hold a special place in Thrissur Pooram where more than fifty of the jumbos are paraded. Celebratory mood fills in the air at the temple ground with the revelers matching steps to the beats of percussion. It also includes the hoisting of the flag, display of fireworks and many other things. There is an air of festivity as people throng the temple to pay their respect to Lord Shiva and take part in the festivities.

History of Thrissur Festival:

Thrissur Pooram was introduced by Raja Rama Varma, the 17th-century ruler of the Kingdom of Cochin in Kerala. Earlier there was a one-day festival held at Aarattupuzha known as Arattupuzha Pooram, attended by temples in and around Thrissur. However, due to heavy rains, once they reached Arattupuzha Pooram late and were denied access. Embarrassed by it, the temple authorities went to their King and narrated the incident. The Thampuran immediately planned another festival, more extravagant and more rewarding than the first to make up for the eviction. This marked the beginning of the Thrissur Pooram festival!

The Thrissur Puram is a seven-day festival starting with the Kodiyettam or flag hoisting ceremony. This is followed, on the fourth day, by the sample Vedikettu or sample firecrackers ceremony. Many colorful displays of firecrackers are the norm and the atmosphere is almost frenzied. Everybody prepares excitedly for the main day.

Here is the list of the major programmes held in ascending order:

1. Flag Hoisting:

The pooram officially begins with the event of flag hoisting or Kodiyettam which is held seven days before the festival actually kicks off.

2. Display of fireworks (first round)

On the fourth day after Kodiyettam, the first round of display of fireworks are held. The show presented by Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu Devawsoms starts at 7:15 pm on Swaraj Round road.

3. Display of Comparisons:

On the fourth and fifth day before the Pooram, elephant’s are paraded. Every year, the event is held at different places in the city.

4. Main pooram:

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The main pooram begins after special prayers held early morning in the temple. The main program and celebration begin after this. Kudamattom which is a display of colourful umbrella attracts hundreds of people. Processions of different temples enter and competitive display their works.

5. Display of fireworks (main round)

Thrissur pooram main fireworks or vedikettu are quite popular in the country. They begin in the early morning of the seventh day which is attended by thousands. A kaleidoscope of colours lights up the sky on Pooram evening.

6. Farewell Ceremony:

The farewell ceremony is the last event held at Swaraj Round in which idols are taken back to their respective temples followed by a round of fireworks in the daylight.

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