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Umar Akmal Gets Trolled for Mistakenly Saying IPL Instead of PSL

Umar Akmal Mistakenly Said IPL While Promoting PSL, Got Trolled Mercilessly


Being appreciated on social media make us feel good. On the other hand, being trolled makes us feel embarrassment. Several instances had happened previously that Pakistani cricket players including Shahid Afridi, Aamir Sohail, Moahammad Hafeez and many others are trolled for their own mistakes. Now, another Pakistani cricketer is being trolled mercilessly on Twitter.

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Well, he is none other than Umar Akmal. We must tell you that Umar Akmal is pretty famous on social media but not for good reasons and once he has given a chance to Twitteratis to troll him.

As Pakistan Super League (PSL) is underway, Umar Akmal took to a Twitter and posted a video to promote his team Quetta Gladiators. However, in the video, Umar made a big goof-up when he mistakenly said IPL instead of PSL.

Here is what he said:

“Zaahir si baat hai Quetta ki team Karachi aayi hui hai aur hum apne home ground pe khel rahe hain, aur crowd jitna bhi support karega hamari team ko, team utna accha perform karegi. Aur sab teamo ko agar crowd isi tarah support karta rahega toh Insha Allah wo time dur nahi hai ki agla IPL sorry PSL yahan pe hoga. (Our team Quetta is here in Karachi and we are playing on our home ground. More the support from the crowd, better the team will perform. And if the crowd supports every team like this, the next IPL, sorry PSL will be held here.)”

Watch The Video:

Twitteratis trolled Umar Akmal in the most humorous way and mercilessly for making this mistake. Here are some reactions:

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