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Uttarakhand Disaster: Loyal Dog Sits Outside Tapovan Tunnel Waiting For His Friends

Loyal Canine Has Been Waiting Since Three Days Outside Tapovan Tunnel For Friends Who Fed Him


A dog is man’s best and loyal friend has been proven once again. A two-year-old Black Bhutia breed dog has been seen sitting outside the Tapovan Tunnel that was destroyed by the flash flood in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The Dog named Blackie has been awaiting the return of his friends who fed and cared for him.

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As reported by sources to Times Now, Blackie was born near the area where the NTCP’s hydel project was being constructed. He used to come in the morning, meet the men and go back downhill. The day the tunnel was destroyed due to a glacier burst, he came back up, only to find that his friends not around.

A local resident informed TOI, “He must have known that something was wrong. The place was full of strangers who paid no attention to him. We did not know what to do at first. Initially, the rescue workers tried to shoo him away as heavy machinery was brought amid the chaos all around. But he kept coming back to the site.”

Another local shared, “The dog sits outside the tunnel all day and night waiting for the men he knew. We hope he gets to see them again soon.

The teams tried to shoo him away but he just did not budge and kept coming back to check. He was visibly anxious. The dog is now being taken care of and also fed by the rescue workers.

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