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Are you single? Here’s the Valentine’s Day guide to self pampering 

Here's simple things to do on Valentine's Day if you are single. Make time for self pampering, because self love is the ultimate way of being happy


Valentine’s Day is finally here and thus the love is in the air. But being single isn’t the end the world. Social media posts and viral memes can make your heart flutter if you are dating someone, but it might make singles feel left out. There’s no universal law on celebrating this day of love and surely there’s no better way in making it a special one with self  pampering. Because, if you are single that doesn’t mean you can’t have all the fun. Here are five ways singles can make their Valentine’s Day most special, make sure you dedicate this day for loving your soul.

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Singles Guide To Valentine’s Day Celebrations:

Night Out:

We all have that one best friend who always comes for rescue, but what if your bestie wants to spend time with his/her partner on Valentine’s Day? Calling them and asking if they could be with you, its awkward right? Stepping out alone can also make you feel confident and self empowered. Night outs are preferable if you love nights skies and environment outside. Spend time stargazing, grab a glass of wine, think about beauty of the life, read your favorite quotes from your favorite books, sit at a warm-cozy place. How about playing the lo-fi beats in the background? Its all your choice how you like to spend your time, but spending time with self is magical.

Me Time

Karaoke Night:

Ever tried singing loud without bothering what people would think? Its one of the best feeling ever. Hearing some beautiful songs in your voice can definitely lift up your mood and it will make you feel special. Singing is known for relieving stress, improves immune response and most importantly it makes us happy. All you need to do is make a playlist and just sing carelessly. Make sure to add songs that has feel good vibe and have fun.

Karaoke Night

Self Gift:

There’s something with the word gift. We all love accepting gifts and there has to be a day dedicated for self gifting. It has become a phenomenon now probably because its only us who knows us the best. Think about what you truly want and what makes your heart flutter. And just go ahead buying it that one thing. It can be anything from a pen to flower, chocolates, pendent, watch, greeting cards and anything.


Pizza Party:

There no way you want to keep yourself on diet and skip eating our favorite snacks on Valentines Day. At least for one single you can consider having snacks such as Pizza, Burger or any other one. Food craving decide your mood and eating a descent amount of junk food definitely won’t hurt. During the Valentine’s Day week there are plenty of Pizza brands which make heart shaped Pizza. Grab one and enjoy with a wine or cold drink.


No Social Media Day:

Every year October 11 is celebrated as no social media day. Social detox is must and you can do it on Valentine’s Day if you are single. Some research suggests that social media is harming us in several ways, as we keep involving our self emotionally into viral posts and feedback. During the Valentine’s Week feeds are filled with viral memes and couple posts, which might make you feel left out. Interacting with someone in person would be a better option. Make you trouble someone who is single too or you can randomly also choose your friends, family to talk to. You can share stories about you love, you can ask what they like to do, share your favorite playlist, talk about best places in the town and there’s no ending to it. Who knows you might find the love of your life…meanwhile let us just spread love all across.

No Social Media Valentines Day

We the team of The Live Mirror wish our readers a happy Valentine’s Day.

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