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Viral Pic: World’s highest queue of trekkers waiting to summit Mt Everest

Deadly human traffic jams have formed near the summit of Mount Everest; check out vira picture here.


Traffic jams one of the most irritating but definitely not a surprising occurrence that is faced by commuters daily. Yes, it is a common sight in major cities around the world. But it truly left us stunned that it is also found on the world’s highest peak! Going by a viral picture on the internet shared by British mountaineer Nirmal Purja a serpentine queue on the edge of Mount Everest has left people stunned.

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Check out the viral picture here shared by Giles Hewitt:

This picture of a serpentine queue on the edge of Mount Everest is going viral. It was Captured on the final leg of the journey to the peak, the photo shows a long line of trekkers walking along a precarious cliff waiting to fulfil their dreams. The route was clogged as 250-300 people marched in a single-file, reportedly taking up to three hours to summit.

“I have had bottlenecks on mountains before but not this many people at such high altitude,” Nirmal Purja, a climber who photographed the scene, said in a message. If the weather had turned, he said, “it could’ve been a real disaster.”

The picture has also triggered a debate on the environmental effects such a “traffic jam” could have on the fragile eco-system. It has also sparked concern regarding the safety of such journeys.

Do you think a limit should be set on people to scale the mountain? Do share your views.

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