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Viral Video: Dog Turns Hide and Seek Partner for Young Girl

The video of a Belgian Malinois playing games with its hooman during the lockdown is going viral


The coronavirus lockdown has confined many people inside their homes. The confinement is making it quite difficult for children who are not able to go out and play. But a recent viral video on social media showcases a deep bond of friendship formed between a young girl and a dog. They are seen playing hide and seek.

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The video has been uploaded by an Instagram user who goes by the name, gsdfriend. The account holder has captioned the heartwarming video as “He actually played?”

Check out the viral video here:

In the most viewed viral clip we can see a young girl playing ‘hide and seek’ with her pet dog. The Belgian Malinois is seen listening to the girl as she says, “Monkey, let’s play hide and seek. You go count”. The pooch can be seen putting his paws up on the wall and hiding his head between the legs.

He is also seen turning around to see if the girl is done with hiding, to which a reply comes, “no peeping.” Finally in the end, the dog goes on to find the girl. Till now, the video has been viewed over two lakh times and has been liked by over 24 thousand Instagram users.

In another viral video we can see a Siberian Husky singing with his owner. The owner Tate Hegstrom and his 3-year-old husky, Kovu have become quite famous on social media.

Check out their viral video as they jammed to Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours here:

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🎶I’m Yours (and feeling VERY vocal this morning)🎶

A post shared by Kovu (@kovu.sings) on

Netizens cannot get enough of their performances and are showering them with love and praises.

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