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VIRAL VIDEO: A Gujarati girl rants about schools & has everyone laughing out loud

This Gujarati schoolgirl is really angry with PM Modi for building schools. Check out the video here.


A hilarious video has gone viral on social media platforms and the video starts with a girl ranting about having to wake up daily at 6 am to rush to school and that is something we all can relate with. The viral video is shared by a police officer Arun Bothra on his Twitter account.

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He wrote, “The person who started schools in this world is in serious danger. This girl is searching for him ?”

Watch the viral video here:

The girl grumbles about how she is fed up about going to school daily and demands “chutkara“ for a month. She keeps on whining about how she is supposed to wake up early, brush her teeth, drink a glass of milk and get ready and she has to do all of this in a rush so that she can catch her school bus on time and then to study a lot of subjects.

Further, when asked what would she do if she meets the person who started schools, she says, “Main usse dhoke ke na, puri paani dal ke, istri kar dalungi puri!

Talking about the education system, she says, “Han toh bas padhna kyun ganda banaya? Padhna thoda achha hi bana deta, toh humko bhi thoda maaza aata”

Not only that, but she is also mad at PM Narendra Modi for building schools, by the end of the video she says, ‘Modi ko ek baar harana hi padega’.

The video was shared by Delhi deputy CM and Education Minister, Manish Sisodia, he wrote, “Oh my God! स्कूल बनाने वालों और चलाने वालों के लिए भी एक स्कूल खोलना पड़ेगा… और इस स्कूल की प्रिंसिपल होगी हमारी ये नन्ही बिटिया ….”

Check out the Twitter reactions:

Have you faced such issues during your school days as well? Let us know in the comments down below.

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