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Vivo Apex 2019: Vivo Might Use Energous Wireless Charging Technology


In order to provide wireless charging facility to its users, Chinese smartphones maker, Vivo has reportedly tied up with Energous, an award-winning wire-free charging technology that will change the way consumers charger their electrical devices in homes, offices and in the vehicles.

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The company uses radio frequency based charging solution to deliver intelligent, scalable power via radio signal the way wi-fi router works. If reports are anything to go by, by using technology consumers can charge their mobile phones or any other electrical device a rate of up to 20W if they are in the specified range of 15 feet.

The technology company has recently revealed that it has collaborated with Vivo to explore the use of its WattUp wire-free charging 2.0 technology. This technology could be used in Vivo Apex 2019. While there has been no official announcement made by the company as of now. However, the rumours had it the technology will be used in Vivo Apex 2019 as the concept of the phone was shown earlier this year. The concept showed that Vivo Apex 2019 did not have any ports or buttons.

The company asks in a video saying that why do we have to plug in our devices to charge the battery despite having a better way to top up the battery of electronic devices? If Vivo adopts this technology, we will be witnessing other companies following the suit. If this technology turns out to be beneficial for users, it would not require users to hook their phones to a port or place them on a pad during the charging process.

A few days back, there were reports doing the rounds on social media that Vivo is all set launch its first foldable phone Vivo iQoo, which turned out to be false. At Mobile World Congress 2019, Vivo had confirmed that iQoo will have 12GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and only takes 45 minutes to load fully charged.

There are other mobile companies which seem to have avoided this technology as they did not find it easy to implement in their devices. However, we do see a future where you will no longer need to carry a charger to top up the battery using conventional ‘hard-wired’ means.

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