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Weekly Horoscope November 10-16: Check astrological predictions for all Sun Signs

Get most accurate astrological predictions and weekly horoscope for all 12 zodiac signs for November 10-16


Planets have a big influence on our life. They affect each individual in a different manner as per their Sun Sign. Sometimes they have a positive influence and sometimes it is not so. You must be wondering how this first week of September plays out for you? Do not feel jittery read our weekly horoscope. Follow it, and relax.

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Here is your weekly horoscope as per your Zodiac Sign:


Your highly charged temperament can lead you into disagreements and quarrels. This week, you will be impacted by your relationships and professional life tremendously which may cause stress and tension. As a result, you may delay in getting things done. Those with sweet dispositions will appeal to you greatly as they sooth.

This week you are fantasizing about all the amazing things you would ultimately like to do with your life.  But make sure you plant your feet firmly on the ground. Only concrete action can allow you to attain your goals. Committed couples, may not have a good time. Arguments and heated debates are highly indicated to affect your relationship.

Health-wise, this will be a great week for most of you. Try to minimize work-related mental strain, which may persist. Teenagers may suffer from acne-related problems.


This week you’ll likely feel frustrated as your health, career and personal life may all feel like a mixed bag. Nonetheless, this can be a wonderful period financially as your work ethic manifests in material gain.  You may have plans to travel but go slow this week.

This week your subordinates come to your rescue and help you complete an important project on time.  New jobs with better perks are indicated for those of you thinking about a job change. In the long run, the new job will pave the way to success. This week married couples should pay attention to and follow your spouse`s advice. For the singles, this is not the right time to accept a romantic proposal. You should not continue in a relationship that makes you miserable.

You may feel tired and complain of headaches more often. Avoid working long hours in the office at all costs.   Children are likely to be troubled by an infection.


Professionally you will excel thanks to your ability to pay attention to detail.  Your personal life can feel turbulent and you may be prone to depression. Plans that you had set in motion may not work out as you expected. You may feel a lack of self-confidence.  Try to avoid following uncomfortable trains of thought. Nothing good can be found there.

You are likely to be entrusted with additional responsibilities, this week that you should grab for the sake of your career.   In the long run you will be the beneficiary. If you feel you are wasting your time in a one-sided affair, this week you need to move on. By coming out of this relationship, you will be saving yourself from getting hurt in the future.

Older people will find themselves taking special care of their health this week. Going for a routine health check-up is advised this week.  Digestive disorders for children are indicated.


Tension can be the push/pull dynamic required to get something started. Professionally you are managing just the right amount of tension and things are beginning to happen. There is definite professional growth and many chances for celebrations. For you, home and family are also truly your heart and soul.

This week whatever projects you are involved in currently will do extremely well. You will earn the praise of your superiors.  A jealous colleague may try to harm you.

Disagreements with your spouse over small issues are indicated at this time. Those of you thinking about marriage proposals should wait for a better time, as your plans may not go the way you expect them to.

This is the time when you get to enjoy the benefits of having sound health. Take up some Yoga and healthy eating to maintain it.


This week you’ll want a finger in every pie. There is a tendency to over-exert yourself.  Your excitement is a key part of your motivation and can push you into things that you might be better off saying no to.  You should also reflect on your financial situation. You tend to be fairly fixed in your economic habits.  You must also keep your cool and maintain a sense of balance and perspective.

You will not conduct business behind closed doors without any sort of oversight. This week there will be a lot of political influence for business people and that will be beneficial in the long run. This week married couples will see most of your problems being resolved. Get away from everyone to renew your relationship. Your partner will confess his or her deep feelings for you.

This week you may find yourself under stress due to a possible weight problem. Avoid any form of oily food. Older people may find their joints giving them trouble.


You won’t be feeling too enthusiastic this week but luck favors you and gives you a much-needed push. Ultimately you will be enjoying success across all areas of your world.  Your perfectionist streak can try to sabotage this, but things are well. This will be a trouble-free week for you and will pass off smoothly.

You can start preparing for your future projects and expand your business.   Businessmen dealing in exports, imports or metals will do well this week. This week you will very confused when it comes to your feelings.  Those of you who are looking to marry your partner can expect full support from your family. Those of you looking to fall in love will meet someone interesting this week.

It is very important for you to take precautionary measures this week. Any health issues troubling you will be resolved by the end of the week.


You are a natural diplomatic and you believe acutely in fairness and justice.  In a judgemental world, you are a breath of fresh air for people around you as you tend to see both sides of any opinion. Your keen interest in spirituality can be a saviour for you.  Pamper the artist in you and use today well to pursue some art. Health conditions will improve this week

This week your hard work and dedication will help you achieve some of your career goals.  Your inexhaustible energy will help you focus on your primary goals. Nothing distracts you from achieving your aims. It is advisable for couples not to spend too much time in each others’ company this week. Be patient and use this time to know this person better.

Do not let your work stress you out this week. Elderly people need to take special care of their health this week. Expectant mothers should not exert themselves in any way.



As a Scorpio, reputation is not necessarily important to you Nonetheless, your reputation may take a hit this week and it may bother you more than you might expect.  It may seem that a series of crises are occurring around you, but you can keep fairly calm, aloof and separate from events. Slower pace is actually better for you in terms of acclimatization.

You can expect a change in your job location this week. Your family and friends, however, might not be very happy with this move. This week you are likely to fall in love with someone nice and charming. Many opportunities for romance are indicated during this period.

This week you will not be facing any health-related problems.  You will be drawn towards health blogs and improving your fitness levels. This week you will be busy but keep you in a calm state.



Communication and compassion are two essential ingredients of a successful relationship. This week you and your partner are supportive of one another. If single, you will search for more meaningful and valuable traits, beyond the superficial and transient. Your passion is to care for yourself and your loved ones and you have been doing so.

This week you must put in your best efforts to complete pending work on time. You may find yourself hampered with delays. These delays may affect your whole work schedule. Your love life looks bright this week.  The time that you share with your loved one will help you develop a much stronger relationship.

This week you are advised to go for a routine health check-up because there might be some health issues towards the weekend that may trouble you. Take care to ensure that you follow a strict diet.


Capricorn, you are prone to pushing yourself very hard.  This week focus on developing the will power to balance all facets of your life.  You should not hold any grudge against your partner or any other family member’s habits or interests.  Plenty of growth is guaranteed this week and in all ways.

This week you will impress everyone with your amazing strategies and plans. This is also a good time to apply for a new job.  You will prove your worth by overcoming some big obstacles at the work front. Romance is on the cards this week and you are likely to meet someone who makes you truly happy. Committed couples too will have a good time this week.

You are likely to recover from a long illness in middle of the week.  Do not neglect your health. Also, there could be someone with a short temper who has the power to annoy you; keep a distance from this person.


Although you do not allow people to push themselves into your ‘private space. But today, you will want you to open your heart and share some of your joy and fears. You will feel an urge to be around your family and will want to feel loved by your partner.  Whatever has troubled you in the past, well, now is the time to let it go. Suddenly you will feel lighter as a result.

This week, media professionals are likely to get some challenging assignments at work.  Good work opportunities are indicated for graphic and web designers.  It’s time to expand your reach in the marketplace. This week avoid hurting your partner at all costs or it could even lead to the end of your relationship. If you want to let your family know about your intentions for marriage wait for a while before doing so. This is not the right time to inform them and could turn them against this match.

This week drink loads of water and increase your intake of fluids and juices. Pregnant women need to be extra careful this week and take care of their health.


You may find yourself lacking in confidence and feeling generally unhealthy.  You must avoid tying yourself to options,  trust that things will develop in their own time. You will achieve what you set out to, just give it time. The spiritual world is a healing and nourishing realm for you and should be visited often. Your attitude towards the end of the week is calm and composed. Surrender to life and see what it brings.

This week you need to work at maintaining order at your workplace.  Deadlines, contracts, and initiatives may not be on time. Make your best efforts to motivate your team to work harder. This week, your romantic life is likely to take some twists and turns.  Do not get disappointed because it will be a blessing in disguise. Those of you who may have had a lover’s spat must kiss and make up.

This week you need to control your temper to avoid mental tension. Headaches due to emotional stress are a possibility this week. Meditation will have a therapeutic effect on you.

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