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7 healthier ways to lose weight this summer without dieting

Check out some healthy diet plans to lose weight without worrying about side effects


Weight gain is a bane of many all over the globe. Who does not like to be fit and svelte, but due to sedentary lifestyle or much other reason we are apt to gain weight. Much has been written about using medicines for weight loss or doing some hardcore exercises to combat fat gain. But each one comes with its own risk factors.

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Many quacks have started some fad diets for immediate fat loss but these leave you hungry and also lethargic. The moment you stop the diets you will regain all you have lost. Today we share with you some simple ways to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. The secret is to make some simple tweaks to your lifestyle. The best part of this diet is that there are no side effects and you will not have to dig a deep hole in your pocket too.

All you have to do is shave 500 calories a day through dietary and exercise modifications, and you can lose about a pound a week. If you only need to maintain your current weight, shaving 100 calories a day is enough to avoid the extra 1-2 pounds most adults gain each year.

Here is how to lose weight slowly but permanently:

1. Eat Breakfast Everday:

The first meal of the day is quite important and the reason being that you will be eating after a gap of nine or ten hours. Therefore make it a point never to skip breakfast. As it will lead you to eat more to satisfy your hunger pangs. People who have their breakfast tend to have lower BMI than the ones who skip. Try a bowl of cereal topped with fruits and nuts with some low-fat milk for a healthy start.

2. Shut The Kitchen for the night:

If you really want to try weight loss then after dinner set up a time to close your kitchen for the night. This is done so that you don’t get tempted to snack while watching television or reading a book. You can have a cup of herbal tea, or low cal yoghurt/Icecream after dinner and then brush your teeth for the night.

3. Avoid Sugary Beverages:

Do avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol as they pile up calories. Instead, opt for some vegetable juices, plain water, skim milk or small parts of fruit juices. They will help you curb your hunger pangs. Limit your wine and alcohol to weekends.

4. Eat More Of Produce:

Avoid Meat and Meat products fill your plate with low-calorie high volume fruits and vegetables. You can even start your lunch or dinner with some soup or salad. You should fill your kitchen with lots of fruits and vegetables and they are a good alternative for unhealthy snacks.

5. Go For Grains:

Instead of gorging on polished rice, white bread, cakes, cookies you should go for whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice, popcorn, and other healthier substitutes. For right weight loss, stay away from all you eat restaurants and buffet systems.

6. Take Small Portions:

Reduce your portions by 10% and you will find that it will bring positive results for you. Eat to fill only half of your stomach. Or you can opt for small bowls and plates. You will then not feel that you are eating less as the plate will look full.

7. Walk:

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Walk as much as you can, instead of taking a car or a bike for short distances walk. You should get a pedometer and slowly but steadily increase your steps with each passing day till you reach the target of 10, 000 per day. Take your dog for a walk, pace while there is an ad on television. In the office, you can walk for a few minutes every half hour.

Do see the difference and weight loss with these small things. You will not only feel lighter but sprightly too.

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