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Zahra Elham: I will fight against Taliban with my music

Afghan Star winner Zahra Elham says, "I will fight against Taliban with my music"


Zahra Elham, who won the 14th edition of Afghan Star last week, said that she will fight against Taliban with her music. It is to be noted that the 13 editions was won by male contestants. Elham, from Afghanistan’s ethnic Hazara minority, enchanted audiences with her high-pitched, raspy voice, performing Hazara and Persian folk music in traditional loose, colourful Afghan dresses and heels.

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In an interview with AFP at private television channel Tolo, Zahra said, “I was very proud of myself but at the same time shocked to be the first woman to win the contest.” “No one sings in her family,” she added. On the occasion, Zahra also mentioned that she was inspired to compete after watching YouTube videos of idols such as Aryana Sayeed, an Afghan pop singer and social media star often likened to Kim Kardashian.

On being asked if she, like Sayeed, is now a role model for Afghanistan’s young women, Zahra response underscored the importance of her new platform in a country where women are largely absent from public spaces.

She further said, “Yes, my voice is important for the women of Afghanistan.” “Other girls will get courage and sing, like I have been following Aryana Sayeed . when I saw a girl like Aryana Sayeed I thought to myself, If she can, so can I. She has two hands and two legs, as do I,” the singer added.

On being asked of the Taliban return to some semblance of power in Afghanistan, Zahra answered saying, “I will fight with my music, because I want to make my life music and singing”. “I see my future in music, and I can make my future bright with singing,” she concluded.

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