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Aashiqui Fame Rahul Roy Is Stable Now After Suffering The Brain Stroke During Shooting

'Aashiqui' Fame Rahul Roy Suffered A Brain Stroke During His Shooting In Kargil. As Per The Latest Updates, The Actor Is Stable Now


As per the shocking reports, ‘Aashiqui’ fame, Rahul Roy suffered a mini-stroke in Kargil, while he was shooting for his upcoming flick. The actor was reportedly, rushed to Mumbai for his treatment and he has been kept under strict medical attention for next 10 days. As per the latest reports, his health condition is currently stable.

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According to a latest report by Mumbai Mirror, Nitin, who says he’s a doctor himself, stated that Rahul had finished his shooting in Kargil on November 23, however, he stayed back to enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, on Thursday, he showed an unusual behaviour. When he went to meet him in his hotel suite, he realised that the actor was unable to make ‘cohesive sentences’ and had a problem with speech.

“Being a doctor myself, I suspected aphasia, which affects speech, and immediately took him to a local hospital for a CT scan. The doctors there didn’t say anything but I referred the reports to some doctor friends and one of them suggested it might be a mini stroke which does not get caught in a CT Scan and recommended that we fly him to Mumbai for further treatment,” explained the doctor further.

Rahul is now talking properly and he is stable. “I’ve been paying for his medical expenses because of our friendship. We have done many films together, the most recent being The Walk, which we shot in July-August. I know as soon as Rahul recovers, he’ll want to pay the money back,” said the doctor.

Rahul Roy is best known for his 90’s blockbuster films, such as ‘Aashiqui’, ‘Pyaar Sa Saaya’, ‘Junoon’ and many among others. He was one of the nation’s heartthrob during his young days. We the team of The Live Mirror for a speedy recovery of the actor.

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