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ABP journalists Bajpai, Khandekar resign as govt continues its ‘shenanigans’


In a democratic country where freedom of speech and expression is a constitutional right, political pressures from the ruling party plays a key role in media industry. With the resignations of two top television editors at ABP News and a third in line for speaking against the PM Narendra Modi, press might not be the same in India again.

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The attempt to stoop low for reaping political benefits by the news channels’ owners had forced the top journalists to resign. Recent case of ABP editor-in-chief Milind Khandekar resignation on Wednesday, followed by lead journalist Punya Prasoon Bajpai’s departure, is one of the big shockers.

However, there is still a confusion whether Bajpai, presenter of popular nightly show Master Stroke, had resigned or was asked to leave. The report of his resignation comes weeks after he angered ruling party ministers when he reported the Chhattisgarh’s woman story, reports The Wire. In that story, Bajpai had accused PM Modi lying to nation when he said that government’s rural schemes ‘doubled rural income’.

Another news anchor, as reported by the news portal,  Abhisar Sharma has been pulled off air for a period of 15 days. The reason stated to him was that he criticism of Modi on his programs!

With secret reports coming in the public domain, The Wire says that few days back, Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah had told a group of journalists in parliament house that he had planned to “teach ABP News a lesson”. Since, more updates are awaited, we too are looking at the issue closely.

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