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Ariana Grande apologises on twitter after homophobic incident at concert venue

Ariana Grande doesn't want something like this to happen again


Ariana Grande has had several instances of hate against her in her concerts. But then seems like it wasn’t enough and the haters need more to hate. There were series of homophobic comments made against at the sweetener tour concert in Atlanta on Friday.

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There was a man who had a banner with the ‘PRIDE’ written on it and crossed it. This is the PRIDE month and people are having Pride events at various places. The man was saying to the fans questioning his motives that they ‘worship false god’ and that ‘Satan is your God’ because people were refusing to agree with him. The video was posted online too.

But then people were enraged at the homophobic comments that they were making. They all came in unison and drove the man away.  There are several clips that show the people screaming ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ at the man.

There was a sequence wherein the man was doused with a drink as well. The person capturing the video was heard saying “This is what happens when you’re homophobic”. Things got actually very heated up on a night that could have been great in Ariana Grande’s company.

The person who had posted the initial video had captioned it as “fuck these dudes outside the Ariana Grande concert spreading homophobia and being fucking stupid and it took EVERYTHING in me not to kick him in the balls with my heels on”. Things took some time to cool. Even after the man was doused with a drink, people resorted to knocking off the speaker and the headset was tossed away. Ariana Grande left an apology message for her fans on Twitter saying that she was very sorry for such an incident.

Ariana Grande had previously experienced mass killing and firing in one of her previous concerts too.

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