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Ayush Ministry issues notice to Patanjali over Coronil medicine

Ayush Ministry issues notice to Baba Ramdev's Patanjali over Coronil medicine


Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved launched Coronil and Swasari for the treatment of COVID-19. They also claimed that it has successfully cured scores of under-trial Covid-19 patients with 100% results. Ramdev also claimed that the first clinical controlled study was conducted on 280 patients in many cities..

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Ayush Ministry of Uttarakhand has now clarified that the licence issued to Patanjali was not to find a cure for coronavirus. The license was issued only for the production of immunity booster kits and fever medicine.

Dr. YS Rawat, Joint Director State Medicinal Licensing Authority from Uttarakhand said: “Divya Pharmacy did not apply for a license of any kind of medicine related to Corona nor were they given any license in this regard. The license was issued only for immunity booster kits and fever medicine. But now that it has come to the attention of the AYUSH department, a notice will be issued to Divya Pharmacy. If their reply is not satisfactory then their current licenses will be canceled.

They added that the company has been asked to stop advertising/publicizing claims of curing coronavirus. This is till the issue is duly examined. They added that Patanjali Ayurved has been asked to provide details of the name and composition of the medicines. Also places where the research study was conducted. The protocol, sample size, Institutional Ethics Committee clearance. Also, CTRI registration, and results from data of the study has been asked to be submitted.

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