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Bigg Boss 14, Nov 13, Written Update: Rubina-Abhinav go to jail; Kavita-Eijaz argue

Here's what happened in Bigg Boss 14's episode.


The episode begins with Eijaz telling Rahul to not wash his face in the kitchen sink as it unhygienic, Rahul defends himself. Aly and Nikki talk it out and sort their differences. Pavitra and Eijaz get cozy in the bathroom, Aly catches them again and goes running and tells everyone. Aly and Jaan pull Eijaz and Pavitra’s leg. Nikki tells Pavitra that people in the house have less understanding, later, she also says that she does not like Jaan. Aly asks Eijaz if he has fallen for Pavitra, he tells Aly that after many years he has felt this way and will take it outside the BB house too.

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Pavitra says she is attached to Eijaz emotionally. Ahead, Nikki confesses she is falling for Aly. Later, Nikki talks to Jaan and tells him that she does not like him kissing her. Pavitra and Eijaz have a heart to heart conversation in the kitchen. He also asks her if she is single and tells her that he looks at her differently now.

It’s the next morning and the contestants wake up to Khalbali. Nikki tells Eijaz that Rahul is finding a reason to fight in the house. Kavita tells Jaan to clean the living room, he says that he has back pain. Kavita taunts and says that people in the house have no problem to work out but have an issue to do the duties of the house. Kavita and Eijaz argue about over-performing washroom duty.

The contestants see 2 jails in the house. Bigg Boss tells the contestants to select two housemates on the basis of their performance ad says that they will mutually decide on who should go to jail as punishment. The contestants start to discuss, Pavita takes Kavita’s name, Kavita names Eijaz and Pavitra, Eijaz gets defended and they start arguing, Kaushik says that he plays a victim card.  Rahul takes Eijaz’s and Jaan’s name. Jaan names Kavita and Rahul. Nikki names Jaan and accuses him of disrespecting and kissing her despite her refusal. Aly gets furious with Jaan, Jaan defends himself and says that Nikki kisses her too. Abhinav names Jaan and Eijaz. Jasmin names Jaan and Shardul. Bigg Boss gives Aly a chance to choose between Jasmin, Rubina, and Abhinav to send to jail, he takes RubiNav’s name.

Nikki tells Kavita to take out food in the platter as it takes time to clean the utensil and says that from Monday she will not clean the utensils, the duo start arguing. Nikki shares a talk with Shadul about Kavita.  Aly talks to Jaan and Eijaz about Nikki’s kissing comment. Shardul talks to Pavitra about her relationship with Eijaz. Later, Eijaz comes and talks to Pavitra and tells her he will introduce her to his father as he has liked someone after quite a long time and in the end, tells her to focus on her game.

(Episode ends)

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