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7 Best Air Purifying Plants Must For A Fresher Home

7 Best Air-Purifying Plants That Help Clean The Air And Keep Your Home Toxin Free


The present lifestyle is filled with tensions and anxiety, but one thing that instantly calms you down is being surrounded by lots of greenery. Green plants boost our productivity, reduce stress and fatigue. They also add colour to otherwise bland living spaces also reduce the noise levels. So to reduce your stress level fill your home with green plants. They instantly add vibrancy and a breath of fresh air to your space. Not many know that certain green plants also purify the air around you. These plants can even prevent you from liver damage, cancer and much more harmful disease.

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As we all know Indoor air pollution is a big threat to human health. To help you on your quest to breathe easier, here we bring for you a list of the best air-purifying plants. They will not only help you fight allergies but also improve your sleep pattern. As these plants not only absorb invisible toxins they also improve the air quality and add moisture to it.

Here are seven indoor plants to keep your home toxin free:

1. Snake Plant:

This striped Green Plant is a low maintenance plant. It not only spreads colour in your home but also purifies the air quality. The Snake Plant can easily survive on little water.

2. Flamingo Lily:

Flamingo Lily can add that much-needed colour to your living room. The tiny plant flowers throughout the year and it can easily make your home pollutant-free. It is a low maintenance plant that will not only look pretty in your office or home but also help you breathe in fresh and non-toxic air.

3. Money Plant/Golden Pothos:

The Money Plant is known by many names from Devil’s Ivy, Hunter’s Robe and many more it is one of the most popular one. The species’ is known for its ability to purify carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde from your air. The Golden Pothos is also one of the quickest growing low maintenance plants.

4. Spider Plant:

Another low maintenance plant the Spider Plant has become one of the most popular houseplants of modern times. It not only adds colour to your home but also keeps the air purifier.

5. Boston Fern:

Boston Ferns are highly decorative plants and look great in many different settings. Boston Ferns can grow quite big and, based on their size, can either be set on tables, plant stands or ceiling hung. These plants are natural air purifiers with their ability to remove formaldehyde and xylene.

6. Rubber Plant:

If you’re looking for an air-purifying plant that grows tall quickly, consider a rubber plant. When given the proper care, this plant can grow up to two feet per growing season, topping out at about 10 feet tall.

7. Areca Palm:

Areca palms not only filter indoor toxins from the air, but they also act as a natural humidifier, adding moisture to the air around them. If you have playful pets at home do not worry as the fronds are non-toxic.

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