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Blake Lively Is Offended With The Response To Her Movie Transformation

The Rhythm Section hits the theaters on January 31, 2020


Blake Lively has been busy promoting her latest film The Rhythm Section this week. The Gossip Girl actress appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Blake Lively told the host found the response to her movie transformation “very offensive”. Fans misunderstood a side-by-side transformation photo that Blake shared of before and after she got the makeup done for the movie. Blake Lively shared the picture with the caption, “Facetune broke. @therhythmsectionmovie (Both makeup looks by the incredible @vivianbaker )”

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Jimmy Fallon asked Blake about the new look, saying, “Props to the hair and makeup. Explain what’s happening here.”

“[The makeup artist] did this really rough look, because my family has experienced a lot of tragedy, and then this after I clean up but when I posted it, people were saying ‘wow, Blake bravely shows what she looks like before and after makeup,'” Blake explained. “Some people think that’s what I look like without makeup [pointing at the after picture], which I find very offensive because that takes an hour for her to make me look like that. This also takes an hour to make me look this good,” Blake added, indicating the photo on left.

“I’m sort of vacillating between my vanity, which is like wanting to be like, ‘I don’t actually look like that!’ But also being a feminist and being like, ‘why do we expect women to wake up looking like this? This isn’t realistic that you wake up this beautiful!’ But I would like people to believe that I wake up looking this beautiful.”

There is no doubt the actress is unbelievably gorgeous. She looked stunning at the screening of her film at Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City. Blake Lively wore a black velvet strapless Dolce & Gabanna gown with a pair of killer high boots.

On the personal front, Blake Lively welcomed her third child with husband Ryan Reynolds last year. The couple, known for their incessant trolling, have three daughters together.

The actress also confirmed that she isn’t involved in the production of the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot.

Fans can catch Blake Lively in action on January 31, 2020, when The Rhythm Section hits the theaters.

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